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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Way back when, I started a tiny online business selling women’s cycling kit. It was a radical move at a time when almost no one shopped online and not many women rode bikes. But for those that did there was a shocking lack of kit. That business was Minx and we had the best fun, finding shorts that actually fit, dresses to ride bikes in and jerseys that were cut to accommodate boobs, not to mention a LOT of honest convos about front-bottom pain.

Central to Minx were the Minx-Girls who raced, rode and blogged their way through their cycling lives. The Minx Compendium was set up so that women who wanted to ride but were unsure about how to get going could be reassured that none of us were super-women* or extreme athletes. There was nothing extraordinary about what we did and it was in fact, just as easy as riding a bike.

People have always professed to be surprised about most of the sports I participate in, now I’m older even more so. And damnit, all these years after Minx it seems that women are still feeling some things are not for them or find it easy to be plagued by reasons why not when they should be out there experiencing THIS IS WHY.

So baby I’m back. Not fast, not even especially good at some of the stuff I do but writing about it again, hoping to prove once more, all you need is the will to try.

*OK, so one of us was a super-woman, she just screwed up her cape and stuffed it into her jersey pocket in the hope of moving undetected among us. Take the time to read the incomparable Jenn Hill’s Great Divide Race epic from 2008.


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